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Recreational Cheer

Experience the sport of Cheerleading!

Let your child experience what the sport of All-Star Cheer is all about in a low commitment, stress free environment. Perfect for those who are NEW to the sport! Our well structured classes help build confidence in the areas of stunting, jumps & tumbling. 

Novice Cheer

Putting together a routine

Our Novice program is the perfect way for kids to get started in the World of All-Star Cheerleading. In this once-per-week class, your child will learn all the basic elements of cheerleading such as: stunts, jumps, tumbling, dance & choreography. The team will put their individual skills into a routine format, all while learning the concepts of teamwork, dedication and trust. They will even have an opportunity to show off their hard work in front of friends and family during a specialized in-house showcase that gives them a feel of a real competition without all the added stress of a scoresheet!

This is no experience necessary for this program, but athletes who are able to perform a cartwheel, back bridge, and front/back roll will excel the most!

 All-StarPrep Cheer

Learn & Grow by Joining Prep

Once your child can confidently perform handstands, cartwheels, round offs and back walkovers, they will likely move up into our All-Star Prep program. Becoming a member of one of our prep teams will show your child how their individual skills can contribute to the group when they are choreographed into a 1.5 minute routine. Prep will compete at a live competition once per season. 

Typically an athlete will spend approximately 2 seasons in prep before moving to an Elite competitive team.

Elite All-Star Cheerleading

Become a Competitive athlete

When your child develops a strong passion for this sport, they will want to become a part of our Elite competitive All-Star teams. Elite team tryouts take place in May of each year and athletes will be placed on the level most appropriate to their current skill level. The goal for each athlete is to be on a team where they are able to max out skill requirements in that level in order to foster an environment where they are confident and successful attending competitions. This program requires HIGH COMMITMENT and a true competitive drive. This program is also where our deepest friendships and long lasting memories are formed. 

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